Saturday, February 04, 2006

What Is Abortion Really About?

Conor links a very interesting debate between two pro-choicers debating abortion policy, and remarks “It's striking how differently each of these pro-choice thinkers feels about abortion.” Funny, William seems to have more in common with a moderate pro-lifer like me than with orthodox pro-choicers.

As recently as a year ago, I was a conventional pro-lifer. However, my ever-growing distaste for religious conservatism, coupled with some healthy introspection on the matter, caused me to shift my position. While I remain doggedly opposed to Roe, I’ve come to the conclusion that abortion’s ultimate legality does not concern me. Everyone—especially the unborn—would be best served if the pro-life lobby abandoned the cause of prohibition (which is never going to happen nationwide) and put all of its heart, energy, and funding towards preventing unwanted pregnancies. Encouraging adoption is wonderful and important. So is abandoning abstinence-only education and religious admonitions against contraception; when I’m a father, I’ll rather my daughter lose her virginity safely than get pregnant before her time.

Simply put, I think it's more important to reduce the number of abortions than pipe-dream about it being outlawed. Funny, I seem to have more in common with a moderate pro-choicer like William than with orthodox pro-lifers.