Sunday, November 21, 2004

A.C.E., My Ass

One of the more irritating manifestations of political correctness--and there are many--is the useage of B.C.E. and A.C.E (i.e. "Before/After the Common Era") instead of B.C. and A.D. I've railed against it for quite a while, arguing that it's a pathetic attempt to remove the obvious meaning of a perfectly clear word; call it what you want, but the date refers the (best estimate) of the birth of Christ and that's an end to it.

But a new argument struck me today; shouldn't the new set of words be vastly more offensive? B.C. and A.D. reference a specific event that is important to our civilization; no value judgement is offered beyond that. There is nothing to imply that our system is superior to any other; we use Jesus, Muslims use Mohammed, etc, etc. They're just different. But now, some ivy-towered prick who feels uncomfortable referencing religion every footnote comes up with a new system that--while obstensively created to be more sensitive--demonstrates far, far, far greater hubris, self-importence, and arrogance than the original. Exactly, what Common Era are we referring to here? Hmm? Ahh! The Common Era! The One and Only, mine and yours. Oh, I see the light!