Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lee from was good enough to post dad's latest article.  To illustrate dad's suggestion that we need to put our sophistication aside for just a moment and divide the world into two categories (those who want us to suceed and those who don't), Lee asks the following question:
Right now, who is being more proactive in hunting down terrorists, Pakistan or France?  I rest my case.
Some idiot responded with the following:
Pakistan has had OBL either within its borders or just outside it for, what, two years or so? And we’re looking of pictures of Saddam in a court room, but not OBL?  How pro-active is Pakistan exactly?
First, I think KMS would demurrer.
Second, when President Bush took office, Pakistan was allied with the Taliban and was at the brink of nuclear war with India; today, Pakistan has thousands of soldiers searching for al Queda and Taliban remnants, and is getting along (begrudgingly) with India.  Is it just me, or is this the most unheralded dimplomatic victory of the last decade?


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