Thursday, July 01, 2004

Kudos to Medved

Michael Medved deserves ‘Quote of the Day’ yesterday for some extremely quick thinking. While discussing the transfer of power in Iraq, a caller likened the new interim government to Pinocchio. "You must not know how the whole story;" said Medved, "Pinocchio becomes a real boy at the end."

My gut feeling is that the President has rushed the process because he thinks it'll get him reelected, but to expect the Iraqis--or anybody else, for that matter--to govern themselves effectively after 25 years of tyranny and only 15 months of relative freedom is…hopeful. I'd have preferred a longer occupation that would have given us the time we needed (and did not have because of the 6/30/04 deadline) to properly deal with the likes of Zarqawi and al-Sadr. But what's done is done. Best of luck to the Iraqis.


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