Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Importance of Choosing Edwards

Andrew Sullivan musters an excellent fisking of John Kerry's first speech since naming Edwards as his runningmate. Quite rightfully, Sullivan points-out that Kerry's speech is merely a series of exhausted cliches that were old by the time of the Big Bang. Moreover, it fails to make even one substantive statement about either Iraq or the War on Terror. As Sullivan puts it, Kerry envisions an America that's "about the future, and children, and the future of children..."

But while Sullivan is right to say that this underscores how bad a candidate John Kerry is, he nevertheless insists that Edwards--whose entire popularity was based on his ability to sell this kind of stuff--is the perfect choice for Kerry. It never seems to cross Sullivan's mind that the act of choosing John Edwards can only guarantee .more of this syrupy slop, and less discussion about the War. Put another way, Kerry's decision to augment his lack of charisma by choosing Edwards rather than enhance his foreign policy credentials by choosing someone like Dick Gephardt says more about his campaign than anything he might say at a stump speech: John Kerry really doesn't give a hoot about the War


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