Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Importance of Choosing Edwards, Part II

Jonah Goldberg hits it on the nose.

By picking Edwards, Kerry has made it clear that he doesn't think this election should be framed on Bush's terms and that he wants to make a very different case to the American people.

Simply put, if Kerry really thought the war on terror was as big a deal as Bush does, there's no way he would pick John Edwards...Clearly, Kerry doesn't want to "balance" his ticket with a moderate, he wants to reinforce it with another liberal who can sell Kerry's message.

In other words, Kerry thinks his lack of cool is a greater problem than being perceived as a dove. The Johns are going to run an anti-war campaign. Just watch them.

One other point: much has been made of the fact that Bush had even weaker foreign policy credentials in 2000 than Edwards does now. Absolutely true; it was one of the strongest cases against Bush then. What gets no mention, however, is a) Bush was nominated pre 9-11, and b) He was aware of the deficiency and nominated (quite literally) an old war horse to try to make up for it.


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