Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Gore Lied!

A NRO intern researches Gore and Kerry's claim military families have had to host bake sales to buy proper body-armor for their loved ones because--they imply--the President is a cold, heartless bastard who didn't serve in Vietnam (although, in case you haven't heard, John Kerry did). Oddly enough, she finds that it's not quite true.

All of our troops had been issued the older kevlar vests by the time the war started, although few of them had yet recieved the newer ceramic armor that the military ok'd in 1999 nor had their HUMVEE's been armored. Since January, however, all of our ground forces have had the new stuff, and the HUMVEE fleet should be upgraded by August. In the meantime, police departments have donated their old kevlars to the military to be used to gerry-rig armor for HUMVEEs, and some parents tried to purchase the new armor for their sons and daughters directly from the manufacturers (only to find-out that all of their stuff had been ordered by the Pentagon). While their have been lots of fundraisers and bake sales to raise money for our troops and their families, none of them seem to have been connected to body armor.

So, Gore and Kerry has repeated statements which have since been proven false. They LIED!


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