Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Soldiers need Liposuction?

Saturday, July 17, 2004

A little bit of Justice.

Sometimesg, bad things happen to bad people.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Lee from was good enough to post dad's latest article.  To illustrate dad's suggestion that we need to put our sophistication aside for just a moment and divide the world into two categories (those who want us to suceed and those who don't), Lee asks the following question:
Right now, who is being more proactive in hunting down terrorists, Pakistan or France?  I rest my case.
Some idiot responded with the following:
Pakistan has had OBL either within its borders or just outside it for, what, two years or so? And we’re looking of pictures of Saddam in a court room, but not OBL?  How pro-active is Pakistan exactly?
First, I think KMS would demurrer.
Second, when President Bush took office, Pakistan was allied with the Taliban and was at the brink of nuclear war with India; today, Pakistan has thousands of soldiers searching for al Queda and Taliban remnants, and is getting along (begrudgingly) with India.  Is it just me, or is this the most unheralded dimplomatic victory of the last decade?

America's Second Black President?

Three Actual Lies

1) The NAACP and the "Black Community" are inseperable; by refusing to speak to the former, Bush denies representation to latter.

2) One's conservative credentials have nothing to do with one's stance on fiscal policy, the war, foriegn policy, pork-barrell spending, 2nd Amendment rights, or anything else whatsoever, but are defined solely by one's stance of homosexual marriage.

3) The FMA was an unprovoked attack by the right-wing.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tom's Dad's Article on NRO

Dad explains how the CIA can fix its problems immediately in his latest article on NRO. Is this another scandal for the Ignore Herb Committee?

Gore Lied!

A NRO intern researches Gore and Kerry's claim military families have had to host bake sales to buy proper body-armor for their loved ones because--they imply--the President is a cold, heartless bastard who didn't serve in Vietnam (although, in case you haven't heard, John Kerry did). Oddly enough, she finds that it's not quite true.

All of our troops had been issued the older kevlar vests by the time the war started, although few of them had yet recieved the newer ceramic armor that the military ok'd in 1999 nor had their HUMVEE's been armored. Since January, however, all of our ground forces have had the new stuff, and the HUMVEE fleet should be upgraded by August. In the meantime, police departments have donated their old kevlars to the military to be used to gerry-rig armor for HUMVEEs, and some parents tried to purchase the new armor for their sons and daughters directly from the manufacturers (only to find-out that all of their stuff had been ordered by the Pentagon). While their have been lots of fundraisers and bake sales to raise money for our troops and their families, none of them seem to have been connected to body armor.

So, Gore and Kerry has repeated statements which have since been proven false. They LIED!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Tom's Dad To Be On The O'Reilly Factor Tonight

He'll be talking about the CIA and intelligence, probably specifically about the Senate's new report.

5/8pm PST

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Importance of Choosing Edwards, Part II

Jonah Goldberg hits it on the nose.

By picking Edwards, Kerry has made it clear that he doesn't think this election should be framed on Bush's terms and that he wants to make a very different case to the American people.

Simply put, if Kerry really thought the war on terror was as big a deal as Bush does, there's no way he would pick John Edwards...Clearly, Kerry doesn't want to "balance" his ticket with a moderate, he wants to reinforce it with another liberal who can sell Kerry's message.

In other words, Kerry thinks his lack of cool is a greater problem than being perceived as a dove. The Johns are going to run an anti-war campaign. Just watch them.

One other point: much has been made of the fact that Bush had even weaker foreign policy credentials in 2000 than Edwards does now. Absolutely true; it was one of the strongest cases against Bush then. What gets no mention, however, is a) Bush was nominated pre 9-11, and b) He was aware of the deficiency and nominated (quite literally) an old war horse to try to make up for it.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Importance of Choosing Edwards

Andrew Sullivan musters an excellent fisking of John Kerry's first speech since naming Edwards as his runningmate. Quite rightfully, Sullivan points-out that Kerry's speech is merely a series of exhausted cliches that were old by the time of the Big Bang. Moreover, it fails to make even one substantive statement about either Iraq or the War on Terror. As Sullivan puts it, Kerry envisions an America that's "about the future, and children, and the future of children..."

But while Sullivan is right to say that this underscores how bad a candidate John Kerry is, he nevertheless insists that Edwards--whose entire popularity was based on his ability to sell this kind of stuff--is the perfect choice for Kerry. It never seems to cross Sullivan's mind that the act of choosing John Edwards can only guarantee .more of this syrupy slop, and less discussion about the War. Put another way, Kerry's decision to augment his lack of charisma by choosing Edwards rather than enhance his foreign policy credentials by choosing someone like Dick Gephardt says more about his campaign than anything he might say at a stump speech: John Kerry really doesn't give a hoot about the War

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

John Edwards, I wish you could be around all the time...

It would appear as if the Johns have heard my friend Amber Taylor's call for a National Kissing Day.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Anti-Semitic Jews?

Anti Semitic Jews and Anti-Semitic Jews?

I can understand people who are critical of Israel or Israeli policy, but I cannot have any sympathy with someone who waves the Palestinian flag. Palestinian identity is based on hatred towards the Israelis and on absolutely nothing else. To be pro-Palestinian (and not merely anti-Israel or Israeli policy) is to be anti-semitic.

So I guess these are anti-Semitic Jews. South Park was right.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Picture of the Day

Do I hear 250,000? Going once...going twice...250,000! 250,000 victims of the former dictator. Do I hear 275,000...

Kudos to Medved

Michael Medved deserves ‘Quote of the Day’ yesterday for some extremely quick thinking. While discussing the transfer of power in Iraq, a caller likened the new interim government to Pinocchio. "You must not know how the whole story;" said Medved, "Pinocchio becomes a real boy at the end."

My gut feeling is that the President has rushed the process because he thinks it'll get him reelected, but to expect the Iraqis--or anybody else, for that matter--to govern themselves effectively after 25 years of tyranny and only 15 months of relative freedom is…hopeful. I'd have preferred a longer occupation that would have given us the time we needed (and did not have because of the 6/30/04 deadline) to properly deal with the likes of Zarqawi and al-Sadr. But what's done is done. Best of luck to the Iraqis.